Use GPS to track the locations of your dumpsters or skips via a real time wireless tracker or via movement logging in Hiary.

Android Scanner
Android Scanners

Smart device with a built in 2D scanner for reading QR codes on Asset Tags

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Android Scanner
GPS Trackers

These small devices relay location information directly to Hiary

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Asset Tag on Dumpster
Asset Tags

Easily track your bins with ruggedised asset labeling

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Using Hiary to Only Tracks Bins

Bin Inventory

Hiary will enable your business to maximise the use of your bins by tracking when they should be available for pickup. It will keep you informed about when bookings will require more bins than you are currently going to be able to retrieve.

Looking at what is in the yard is not the whole story when a customer calls asking for a skip because you may have jobs in the following days that need those bins in the yard.

While a diary may be faster to take basic details, calculating if there will be enough stock of 4m bins over the duration of the hire that the customer is requesting is not something that they excel at.

Reduce The Risk Of Not Enough Bins And Them Being Overfilled

Hiary will warn you while you are putting the booking in if there are not enough bins available and also continue to tell you on the main screen until you have organised the pickup of a skip to meet the need of the bookings you have entered.

By utilising our unique bin inventory technology you will reduce the risk of leaving bins onsite too long and having customers claim that some passer by put extra stuff on top of their waste.

Improve Your Pickup Efficiency

Hiary makes it easy to identify bins that may have the potential to be collected early (least days left onsite). All you have to do is call and ask if the customer has finished with the bin.

By visualising pickups ready on the map with deliveries for the day we make it easy to spot the right pickups to do to maximise efficiency.

Even the smallest micro skip hire company can benefit from utilising this valuable feature to improve their bin turnover rate and efficiency.

Unfortunately customers don't call you when they are finished with the skip, they call you when they are sick of having a bin full of waste on their front lawn.

Get The Most Out Of Your Skips

Don't miss out on generating as much revenue from every skip bin as is possible by making sure that your skips are returned as soon as they are ready and it is efficient for you to collect them.

Our systems have been designed with simplicity in mind because we know that it is too hard to do more than a little data entry on a smartphone.

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