As a waste collector one of your biggest costs is tipping and sorting the materials you collect so that it is dealt with in the most environmentally sustainable way possible.

Keeping track or all those tipping dockets and receipts can be very time consuming if you want to ensure you aren't being over charged or worse.

By using a waste management software like Hiary to capture the waste disposal fees and dockets you will allow yourself to track your tipping costs without doing loads of paperwork.

Hiary allows your drivers to quickly enter the basic details of where they are tipping for each job and capture the docket so you have it on file before it can get lost.

Using our reports you can get access to all your waste management cost data stored in our software.

Tipping Cost Report

The basic information recorded in our bin manager includes depot (waste facility), date, docket number, price and weight recorded by the weigh bridge. All this is recorded against the job which allows us to keep track of average weights and costs which can provide you with insights into your business more easily than other ways of collecting and tracking this data.

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