Keeping track of your customers information, including sales, payments, sites, staff, credit management and more within Hiary presents so many benefits.

Captures Emails Easily

Many micro skip hire companies don't have the resources to engage in marketing efforts like the companies who have graduated to SME status. Hiary is incredibly simple to operate and captures key customer information so that businesses of any size can use it to grow and dominate their competition.

By contacting your customers regularly with the data you have captured using Hiary you will increase your revenue and improve your profit margin by not having to pay again and again to acquire the same customers.

Detailed History Captured Automatically

Hiary will keep track of service delivery and other customer interactions which will mean that you will be able to resolve billing queries and other customer service issues much easier without relying on staff members memories.

Collecting great feedback from customers is key to building local SEO value. Using an automated system for getting customers to submit reviews is essential to building up your business. Hiary features a post booking email and SMS that can be used to get this vital feedback.

Build Revenue and Manage Credit Risk

Managing exposure to customers who account for more than 5% of the businesses revenue and manage the amount of credit that you are willing to allow a customer to have is a delicate balance. Hiary allows you to manage credit even when the work has not yet been invoiced.

Identifying who your best customers beyond those who are obvious contenders for first, second and third may be challenging but utilising Hiary to capture data simply will enable you to identify and ensure these customers keep coming back.

Start Capturing Now Or Miss Out On Top Dollar Valuation

If you're doing just 50 jobs per month and collecting email addresses, you'll have up to 600 emails at the end of 12 months. This will begin driving revenue and existing customers back to you which will save you paying for Adwords each time they forget the name of the business.

When it comes time to retire or sell up this is the data that will allow the new owner to justify spending top dollar on your business so now is the time to start.

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