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Android Scanners

Smart device with a built in 2D scanner for reading QR codes on Asset Tags

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Android Scanner
GPS Trackers

These small devices relay location information directly to Hiary

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Asset Tags

Easily track your bins with ruggedised asset labeling

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If you want a system that has every field you'll ever need and is similar to using a spreadsheet but a little more automated then Hiary is not for you. We may not have every conceivable field but we've made keeping track of when deliveries, pickups and payments are due, simple.

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Your diary may very well be faster if you're only tracking a name, phone number, size and address. If however you want to handle changes during the day, more customer information (email, company, PO numbers and etc) and allow someone else to handle the phones easily, Hiary will suit you just fine.

All Your Information in One Place

By keeping all your job information in Hiary the App will be able to predict what bins you will have available in the future. To make things easy Hiary simply warns you if you do not have the bins to complete a job as you enter it.

Using the main screen of Hiary is just like using your diary, allowing you to see today's jobs and then page forwards and backwards to see what's on. When you have completed a delivery or pickup you simply tick it off as done and our skip hire software solution takes care of the rest.

Hiary was developed as a result of 10 years working with micro and small skip hire companies so our bin management software is perfect no matter how small your operation is. Because we understand that not everyone is great at technology we have a range of solutions that can be used by even those who feel it's all too much.

Stop Copying and Paperwork

Gathering all your job information in one place that can be shared by multiple people means that there is no copying information between books, diaries or carbon copy systems that just produce endless paperwork that can be lost, misplaced or damaged.

Hiary links all the required documents, notes, photo's and files together so you'll be in the clear if there is any confusion about what services the client received or if the client has been less than truthful about what was going in the bin.

Get Paid No Matter What

Using linked adjustments you'll be able to charge and keep track of invoices for wasted journey's, additional waste, additional items, additional hire, etc with ease and peace of mind that it won't be forgotten or put in the too hard basket.

Don't miss out on extra revenue because it is too hard to collect when things go wrong or the customer asks for additional services such as longer hire because you don't have a way to store and charge credit cards easily.

Customers Don't Call When They're Finished With the Skip, They Call When They are Sick of the Skip in Their Front Yard

You'll be improving the overall efficiency of your business by being able to see what is available for pickup without relying on having written down the pickup date in a diary or using separate piece of paper to track where the bins are currently.

Having been put through it's paces over 10 years and eight figure sales, Hiary is a truly reliable and invaluable tool that your skip hire business can't afford to be without.

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