QR Labels should be purchased and attached to your bins so that they will be accessible to the driver when they are loading and unloading the bins. When the driver scans the QR code using their phones camera they will be presented with a link into your Hiary account.

When the link is opened the driver will be presented with a map showing the GPS location. They can drag the pin to the correct address if the GPS has picked up a different address.

For a delivery the driver should select the "Deliver" button, the application will now present the driver with a list of deliveries that have been entered into the system, they will be ordered by their proximity to the selected address.

If the driver chooses to confirm an existing delivery then the delivery will be confirmed and the driver will be taken to the dashboard. Otherwise they can select new at the bottom of the screen and add a new job with (or without) customer details.

When the driver selects pickup it is assumed that a movement exists and so we mark all pickups of this serial as completed. If a pickup cannot be found a new job is created and confirmed to record the movements of the bin.