1. To Let Your Customers Know You Care

Studies have shown that some 68% of customers stop using a company not because of bad service but because they felt the company no longer cared about them. One easy way to let existing customer know you care is to offer deals exclusively through your mailing list. The number of customers who will take you up on the deal is likely to be low ($20 off) or something of that nature but the message you have sent is that you care about having them as a customer.

2. To Optimise Your PPC Spend

Every time an existing customer goes to Google and types in your name or some other search and clicks on a paid link to get to you is wasted ad spend. By sending regular emails you increase the likelihood that the customer will come to your website via an email and save you the money you would have otherwise spent on the click. You also reduce the high potential for the loss of business to a competitor via this route.

3. Boost Your Profitability

By improving your customer retention by implementing a simple mailing list you will improve the number of previous customers coming back the next time they need a bin. This won't be an overnight strategy but over time it will improve the bottom line of your business significantly. Studies suggest that a 5% improvement in customer retention will improve profitability by a whopping 75%.

4. Beat Your Competitors

Chances are you competitors are not sending out regular emails to their clients and are therefore missing out on the boost to their businesses you could be leveraging.

Market Insights

Speaking with many skip hire companies around the country I continue to be amazed at the number of businesses using diaries to track their workload and not collecting email addresses for a regular mail out to customers. Given that Mailchimp and other services offer free packages for those with a reasonable number of contacts it seems to be low hanging fruit that could make a real impact on these businesses with only the effort of collecting emails and putting them into a tool like Mailchimp.

Pro Tips:

Integration between a bin manager like Hiary could automate the creation of the list as you enter bookings without you needing to enter the customer information into yet another system.

Track Your Skips

Bins don't go missing but they can get left places longer than desired. Make sure you are getting the most out of your skip bins


Collect Customers

Keeping customer information means you know their history with your business and previous interactions your staff have had


Capture Tipping Costs

Knowing the costs on every job means you can get real insights into your business


Manage Jobs Perfectly

Paperwork can be lost and spreadsheets can be too. Don't risk your business, put your bookings and bin locations somewhere that can't go missing