Have you heard about cyber attacks, data breaches, malware, ransomware and every other computer calamity that could crash or corrupt your costly craft?

These things certainly occur out in the wider world and are something that you should be contemplating when considering how you will store your precious data.

Being a business, your data is likely to include customer information and may also include credit card information.

These data assets are considered to be highly sensitive and require that you and anyone who stores this data on your behalf has put considerable effort into securing that data.

The sensitivity of credit card information is so high that most IT organisations will outsource this to 3rd parties who's expertise is the storage and communication of this data.

With cyber criminals increasingly recognising the value of this data there is increasing pressure on those in businesses of all sizes to become data security aware.

If a criminal becomes aware that you store credit card information in a paper based system, they may be tempted to leverage this often unsecured medium.

Just because data is not in the cloud that does not mean that it is not susceptible to the same type of criminal enterprise.

While theft is one angle, another is resiliency of organisations and solutions to data loss if it occurs.

If data is corrupted, maliciously or accidentally solutions must be in place to protect the ongoing operation of the business.

For instance if skip bin locations are not backed up and are lost how will you know where to collect your skips from?

When you are utilising a cloud solution the backup and over all resiliency are prepared for and rehearsed to ensure the safety of your data.

Risk controls in a business usually become more sophisticated as the business grows and can afford to lower the risk present within the organisation.

This is done by introducing systems of record and making systems more complicated such that errors and fraud are caught before they become a problem.

Unfortunately this does not stop many business owner from being caught unawares of what their staff members have been up to.

By implementing skip hire software like Hiary you will improve the security posture of your businesses, increase resiliency and reduce the risk of fraud by enabling a low cost of ownership system that tracks operations.

Track Your Skips

Bins don't go missing but they can get left places longer than desired. Make sure you are getting the most out of your skip bins


Collect Customers

Keeping customer information means you know their history with your business and previous interactions your staff have had


Capture Tipping Costs

Knowing the costs on every job means you can get real insights into your business


Manage Jobs Perfectly

Paperwork can be lost and spreadsheets can be too. Don't risk your business, put your bookings and bin locations somewhere that can't go missing